Founded in 1964, Cantiere Viareggio has always performed “private label” boat construction for the most prominently branded companies in the area such as Azimut-Benetti, Logica, Mangusta, Tecnomarine, Versilmarine and Falcon.

List of projects

1964 – 1975

Project Size
Series of Cantiere Picchiotti "Lupo di Mare" 15m
Series of Cantiere Picchiotti "Gorgona" 15m
Series of Versilcraft "Mystere" 12.72m
Series of Cantiere Picchiotti "Giglio" 10.25m

1975 – 1992

Project Size
Tecnomarine 28m 28m
Azimut 76' 23m
Azimut 71' 21.6m
Series of Tecnomarine "Super Cobra" 70'   21.3m
Azimut 66' 20.1m
Series of Tecnomarine C66 20m
Azimut 65' Pininfarina 19.8m
Series of Tecnomarine "Cobra" 62' 18.9m
Azimut 60' 18.3m
Series of Versilcraft "Super Vanguard" 18.2m
Series of Versilcraft "Vanguard" 17.6m
Series of Tecnomarine C42 12.8m

1992 – 2002

Project Size
Benetti "Ambrosia" 65m
Series of Falcon 90' 27.4m
Tecnomarine T90 27.4m
Series of Falcon 80' 24.4m
Series of Cantiere Spertini "Alalunga"      22m
Mangusta 60'- hull #1 18.3m
Coanda 54' 16.4m

2002 – Today

Project Size
Benetti FB 803 - Crew Areas 50m
Baglietto 147' 44.8m
Logica 147' 44.8m
Series of Benetti "Fast" BF 125'   38m
Azimut "Grande" 116' 35.35m
Series of Benetti "Tradition" BT 105' 32m
Series of Benetti "Kristal" BK 105'    32m
Series of Azimut "Grande" 105' 32m
Series of Azimut "Grande" 103' 31.4m
Azimut "George Rose" 28m
Series of Azimut "Magellano" 76' 23m

Under construction

Project Size
Logica 183' - Crew Areas 55.7m
Benetti Oasis BO 101 40m
Benetti Oasis BO 102 40m
Benetti Fast BF 109 38m
Benetti Fast BF 110 38m
Benetti Fast BF 111 38m